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Anthony Guerra

Anthony Guerra plays guitar and sings. He is from Sydney, Australia and currently lives in Kawasaki. Anthony has appeared on over 50 records, CDs, CD-Rs and cassettes on labels including PseudoArcana, Foxglove/Digitalis, Touch, Last Visible Dog, Impermanent, Absurd, Breakdance the Dawn, Paradisc, CMR, Azul Discografica, and others; both solo and in collaboration with musicians including Joel Stern, Antony Milton, Mark Sadgrove, Matthew Earle, Michael Rodgers and many more. Anthony used to co-run the acclaimed record label TwoThousandAnd (with Michael Rodgers). Anthony currently runs the record label Black Petal. He is also currently performing in Tokyo regularly in the band Mysteries of Love.


Last updated: September 5, 2010

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