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This is the duo project of Takahiro Hirama and Takefumi Naoshima. Ninzu imposes rules on certain actions in accordance with the passage of time, focusing on the relationship between action and location and the changes in how this relationship is perceived.

Takefumi Naoshima
Naoshima started playing electronics in 2000. He explores the use of scores and instructions as methods for placing a framework on his own performances and creating a strong awareness of format.

Takefumi Naoshima home page (Improvised Music from Japan)

Takahiro Hirama
In 2006, Hirama released Recording no Omake, a set of 43 CD-Rs. In March of 2007, he presented the exhibit Sore wo Ou Jizoku at Kaori-za. In October of the same year, he released 109, a set of 109 CD-Rs. And in January of 2008, he held the exhibition Aimai na Heya (Vague Room) at Basho to Dekigoto.

Last updated: March 27, 2008

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