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This is the duo of Yasufumi Suzuki and Tetsuro Yasunaga. On a base of laptop music consisting mainly of sampled sound loops, pieces are created in an improvisational way using several electronic instruments. It could be said that within their expression they are continually asking the question of how to get away from the mental operation of creating context from a mass of information...but actually, they aren't thinking that much.

Yasufumi Suzuki (left)
Suzuki is the owner of Commune Disc and co-owner of the label Clay. He also organizes the periodic events Soundroom and Garden. His musical activities are many and diverse: he performs as a soloist under the name aen, and under his own name he performs using a turntable and CDRecords, participates in the units Voima and tRAP, and so on.

Tetsuro Yasunaga (right)
Born in 1976. In addition to performing as a member of helll, Voima, and minamo, Yasunaga invites overseas artists to Japan, curates museum exhibitions, produces art projects, organizes and produces workshops for kids, and more.

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Last updated: March 27, 2008

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