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Sachiko M

Salon de Sachiko

Out on November 11, 2007

  1. (60:00)

    mp3 excerpt 1: track 1
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Sachiko M: two oscillators

Composed and recorded by Sachiko M on July 13, 2007
Mastered by Toshimaru Nakamura on September 23, 2007
Design by Himitsu Hakase
Packaged in a cardboard jacket

Since the late '90s Sachiko M has been stirring up the improvised music scenes in Japan and the west--and gaining an enthusiastic following--with her unique sound, consisting entirely of sine waves. This is Sachiko M's first solo album since Bar Sachiko (Improvised Music from Japan, IMJ-517), released three and a half years ago.

Bar Sachiko was a work made up exclusively of sustained sine wave tones. In contrast, salon de sachiko is comprised throughout of short, very thin beeps--sometimes rhythmic, sometimes interspersed with longish silences--sent out from two oscillators, much like sparks thrown off by sparklers near one's left and right ears. The album's one track, which is exactly an hour long, was recorded in July 2007.

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