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Junji Hirose


hitorri -997
Limited edition of 500
Out on May 26, 2013
Purchase price in Japan: 1,500 yen (tax not included)
(For purchase outside of Japan, prices vary.)

  1. Solo 1 (44:08)
  2. Solo 2 (14:14)

    mp3 excerpt: track 1 (part 1)
    mp3 excerpt: track 1 (part 2)
    mp3 excerpt: track 2

Junji Hirose: self-made sound instrument, version 4

Recorded live at Ftarri, Tokyo, January 27, 2013
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Makoto Oshiro
Artwork and design by Cathy Fishman

Junji Hirose became active on the free jazz/improvised music scene at the end of the 1970s. He has played the saxophone in a variety of groups and projects, including Masahiko Togashi's band and Otomo Yoshihide's Ground-Zero. But Hirose's work is not limited to sax playing: in the 1980s he started performing noise music on his SSI (self-made sound instrument), an apparatus made from his collection of bicycle wheels and other everyday odds and ends. The sounds produced by hitting and scraping the objects are amplified via installed pickups, turning into complex, intricate layers of sound clusters that reverberate through the space. This is a live recording of two pieces performed by Hirose in January 2013 at Ftarri, Suidobashi, Tokyo, on version 4 of the SSI. You're sure to be caught up in the whirlpool of dazzling sound produced by his truly unique self-made instrument.

Last updated: April 4, 2013

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