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Kanon Aonami / Sean Colum / Fumi Endo

Kanon Aonami Composed Works:
Performed by Sean Colum, Kanon Aonami and Fumi Endo

Limited edition of 250
Out on August 13, 2023
Ftarri Bandcamp

  1. colored (19:02)
  2. dawn (20:04)
  3. utsuroiiii (19:56)
  4. Improvisation (11:58)

    mp3 excerpt: track 1
    mp3 excerpt: track 2
    mp3 excerpt: track 3
    mp3 excerpt: track 4

All compositions by Kanon Aonami

Sean Colum: acoustic guitar (1-4)
Kanon Aonami: alto saxophone (1, 3, 4)
Fumi Endo: upright piano (2, 4)

Recorded live at Ftarri, Tokyo, April 24, 2023 (1, 2, 4), and February 6, 2023 (3)
Recorded and mastered by Ftarri
Photo by Kanon Aonami
Design by Cathy Fishman

Born in Yokohama in 1994, Kanon Aonami is an alto saxophonist and composer who plays jazz and improvised music at performance venues mainly in Tokyo and Yokohama. She is also a talented composer, and at Ftarri she often performs her own compositions in addition to improvised music. In June 2021 Aonami started appearing periodically at Ftarri; she has performed with musicians including pianist Fumi Endo, alto sax player Masahide Tokunaga, and British guitarist and Tokyo resident Sean Colum.

Focusing on her compositions, this album includes performances of three of Aonami’s composed works. Two of them (1, 3) were performed by Aonami and Sean Colum, while the other (2) is a duo performance by Sean Colum and Fumi Endo. The bonus track at the end (4) is an improvised trio performance by Aonami, Colum and Endo. All were recorded live at Ftarri on February 6 (3) and April 24 (1, 2, 4), 2023.

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