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Heather Frasch / Koen Nutters

And / In with The Wandelweiser Klangraum Ensemble

Limited edition of 300
Out on March 6, 2022
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  1. And / In (Ensemble Version) (40:30)
    This version of And / In includes the piece "Song For Angela Davis" by Koen Nutters.

    mp3 excerpt: track 1

Composed by Heather Frasch and Koen Nutters

And / In
Heather Frasch: objects, flute, voice
Koen Nutters: acoustic guitar

Wandelweiser Klangraum Ensemble
Antoine Beuger: flute
Frederik Donche: piano
Joep Dorren: voice
Eva-Maria Houben: harmonium
Lukas Huber: vibraphone
Sanae Kagaya: voice
Lörinc Muntag: violin
Marianne Schuppe: voice
Steven Vinkenoog: electric guitar

Recorded by Koen Nutters and Frederik Donche at the Wandelweiser Klangraum residency, Dusseldorf, Germany, August 7, 2021
Mixed and mastered by Bruno Duplant
Photo by Melvil Duplant

And / In is the Amsterdam/Berlin-based duo of Heather Frasch and Koen Nutters creating music with objects, text, and vibrations. Shadows and light, audible and inaudible movement, air, liquids, and solids. They conduct musical investigations of objects, bodies, agents, sounds, actions, text and silence. Objects and/in silence. Text and/in sound. Reading and/in actions. A spatio-vibrational theater workshop approaching the meaning and the life of objects and humans together.

As part of the Wandelweiser Klangraum week in 2021 they performed a differently structured piece involving all the above-mentioned elements every day for five days. Slowly they invited the rest of the participants of the Klangraum week to join in, each day adding more members, asking them to play pitches and speak words from a loose structure composed by Koen Nutters called "Song for Angela Davis." As the week went by, And / In began to shift away from their work as a duo and concentrated more and more on playing inside of this structure with the rest of the participants; with Koen Nutters transitioning away from spoken word and field recordings to the guitar, and Heather Frasch slowly moving away from objects, to the flute. This piece, "Song for Angela Davis," can be considered as just another element brought into the And / In performance by Nutters. An element that allowed instrumentalists and vocalists to join in. This recording was made on the last day of the week when all participants were involved in the performance. What we hear are the last bits of And / In in the shape of Frasch's object manipulations until about halfway, when Frasch also joins the secondary structure and the transformation is complete. (HBF, KN)

"I have an ambivalent relationship to the term 'allies' because when it comes to challenging racism, I think white people should know that they have as much of a stake in purging the society of racism as people who are the immediate targets." (Angela Davis)

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