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Koen Nutters

Intervals, time and space between

2-CD set
Limited edition of 300
Out on November 15, 2020
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Disc 1

  1. Berlin version (49:30)

    Recorded by Koen Nutters at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin, July 29, 2019

    Ensemble Post-music
    Joanna Bailie: voice, recording and playback device, piano
    Lucio Capece: bass clarinet, playback device, frisbee
    Heather Frasch: flute, inaudible objects
    Koen Nutters: voice, sine tones, tape/cassette player, movement

    Luke Martin: voice, guitar

Disc 2

  1. Solothurn version (30:20)

    Recorded by Stefan Thut at Säulenhalle Landhaus, Solothurn, June 16, 2019

    DNK Ensemble
    Seamus Cater: voice, concertina, movement
    Koen Nutters: voice, upright bass, movement
    Martijn Tellinga: voice, sine tones, movement

    Stefan Thut: voice, cello, movement

  2. Amsterdam version (17:30)

    Recorded by Aaron Foster Breilyn at Rozenstraat - a rose is a rose is a rose, Amsterdam, December 8, 2019 during a DNK event

    DNK Ensemble
    Seamus Cater: concertina
    Koen Nutters: voice, guitar

    Actualizing Community
    Aaron Foster Breilyn: otamatone
    Thea Mesirow: cello

mp3 excerpt: disc 1, track 1
mp3 excerpt: disc 2, track 1
mp3 excerpt: disc 2, track 2

This double CD comprises three versions of the piece "Intervals, time and space between," composed by Koen Nutters and played by Ensemble Post-music and DNK Ensemble with special guests Stefan Thut, Luke Martin, Thea Mesirow and Aaron Foster Breilyn.

The score of this composition is quite open and functions as a construction kit for each player to build their own version of the piece and to combine this material with the other players' findings. The score features roughly prescribed actions and forms, an open instrumentation, and flexible yet systematic pitch material.

One can clearly hear the connections and similarities between the three versions of the piece, yet each one has its own distinct character, mood, tempo, shape, instrumentation and spatial and acoustic qualities.

The three versions were recorded throughout the year 2019 in Amsterdam (NL), Berlin (DE) and Solothurn (CH) in concert situations with generous and attentive audiences.

Koen Nutters is a Dutch musician, composer, writer, curator and organizer, mostly working in the field of experimental music, using text-scores, structured improvisation and more conceptual operations to create a wide variety of different music, performances, texts and events. He lives between Amsterdam and Berlin and plays in various ensembles such as The Pitch, And/In, Ensemble Post-music and DNK Ensemble. He is also part of the team of DNK Amsterdam, a concert series and experimental music collective based in Amsterdam.

I would like to thank the ensembles (Heather, Joanna, Lucio, Martijn, Seamus) for all the great music making through the years; Stefan Thut for inviting us to Solothurn and generally being a wonderful person; and Aaron, Thea and Luke for the great playing and their dedication to experimental music and thought. (Koen Nutters)

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