Ftarri / Meenna

秋山徹次 / Jason Kahn / 中村としまる

Between Two

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Jason Kahn:drums
中村としまる:no-input mixing board

日本の秋山徹次 (ギター) と中村としまる (ノーインプット・ミキシング・ボード)、それにスイス在住の米国人ドラマー Jason Kahn はいずれも、現代即興音楽シーンを代表する演奏家であり、世界各地で演奏活動をおこない、アルバムのリリースも数多い。本作は、2014年5月に Jason Kahn が来日した際、3人が東京、水道橋「Ftarri」でおこなったライヴ演奏を4曲収録。中村の繰り出す脈打つような電子音、Kahn の放つ彩り異なる数々の打音。そこに分け入る秋山のギターの響き。時に静けさに染み入るように、時に吹きすさぶ嵐のように、3人の作り出す音のあやは有機体となって、時間の経過とともに微細にして千変万化の表情を見せる。

I've been recording with Toshimaru and Akiyama since 1997 in various collaborations. "between two" is our second CD together as a trio, albeit in somewhat different form with myself on drum set and Akiyama playing acoustic guitar without any electronics. Which isn't to say this is some departure down the road of purism - rather, this was just what we felt like playing this time around. Maybe the next CD - if there is one - will be with completely different instrumentation. The point being, it comes down to the people and not the instruments they play. This constellation of personalities and their histories, running intertwined, parallel, meeting up and departing again. In a sense, much like the sounds we made, placing them in the room, letting them hang in the air for a while, watching them ricochet, collide and fall. Ftarri filled with these sounds and then nothing. A quiet room again. This CD documents two nights of these proceedings, each night two sets. Played before a small and extremely attentive audience, many of whom lingered on long after the last set was over. At which point someone made a run to the convenience store down the block and venerable Ftarri owner Suzuki cleared away some CDs from a table, soon bursting with many cans of beer and chuhai in various stages of degustation, packets of dried squid and fiery wasabi snacks. Always the perfect end to these nights of great music.

Jason Kahn

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